Streaming Commands To Use

Chat Command

PC Kit

!spec Shows PC Spec
!mouse Shows Which Mouse I’m Using Today
!mousedaily Show Which Mouse I Use Daily



!res Shows Game Resolution Settings
!sens Bobs Current Game Sensitivity Settings
!settings Current Game Settings Like Graphics
!speed Bobs Current Internet Speed
!time Bobs Local Time
!game Shows What Game Bob is Playing



!discord Link To BBs Discord Community, Come and Say Hello
!website Link to
!youtube Link to Beardedbobs Channels
!twitter Link to Bobs Twitter
!instagram Link to Bobs Instagram
!techvid Shows Link To Bobs Latest Tech Video
!gameplayvid Show Link To Bobs Latest Gameplay Video
!shop Shows Link to Bobs Shop
!buycustommouse Shows Link to Bobs custom mice you can buy


User Specific

!points Shows BB Points To Spend
!hours Show How Many Hours A User has Watched BB
!rank Shows Users Chat Rank
!date The Date You Started Watching Bob