Razer Viper Mini Wireless

This is the Razer Viper Wireless mod. I’ve used the base that Reddit users ZoroSeerus created. There are two bases the older v1 which we showed on the stream first and this one which these pictures are from which is the v2 and available on Etsy. The full stream and gameplay links are also available below.

Want one a Razer Viper Mini Wireless? You can buy one https://shop.beardedbob.com/products/razer-viper-mini-wireless-g305-mod

Full Stream (4 hours long showing both v1 and v2) – https://youtu.be/lYoOYr22juU
An edited stream version will follow.
00:00 – Starts
03:14 – Mod Begins v1 base
02:57:27 – Gameplay with v1 base
02:42:00 – v1 Weight
03:04:38 – v1 Measurements
03:05:29 – v2 Base Mod Begins
03:25:51 – v2 Weight
03:26:23 – v2 Measurements
03:50:40 – Gameplay with v2 base
v1 Base measurements
Weight – 64g
  • 115mm L
  • 40mm H
  • 57mm W
v2 Base measurements
Weight – 64g
  • 115mm L
  • 38mm H
  • 57mm W
My thoughts
The mod is fairly easy you do need to chop away most of the inside of the viper shell. As with all mods like this, the fit is key and the v1 base I did have some issues with. When I moved on tot he v2 base though this was a lot smoother and ZoroSeeus has made some nice improvements including getting the height profile lower.
You can add in the Power button but I’m used to not using it hence it doesn’t have one.
Changing the batter with this mod requires you to open it up each time to swap the batter which could be annoying as you then need to get it to fit right. I’m going to complete a USB chargeable version which will allow you to change it without having to open it up. The weight should be an extra 1 or 2 grams if I don’t find a way to take more weight out of it which I’m confident I can while keeping it looking stock.
The base isn’t a looker but the v2 has had some improvements, I hope a v3 comes out where its fits a little snugger around the sides and rear with a more rounded front. I do though understand how hard it is to get these shapes so for me this isn’t a problem.
I did swap out the bluetak for M3 tape once I had the buttons in the correct location.
Overall this is a great mod and if you like the mini shape this is worth looking into.

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