Dream Machine MousePad Review

DM Pad L













  • Nice Surface
  • Great Price
  • Thin Profile
  • Decent Base


  • Rippled Out Of The Box
  • Stitched Edging
  • Logo Position
  • Cloth Will Get Dirty

I’ve been testing a lot of the Dream Machine mice range and thought I would also test their mousepad the DM Pad L. I’ve reviewed a few mousepads from the Razer Firefly, Steelsereis QcK Prism as well as others so let’s see what I thought about this Dream Machine Mousepad.

DESIGN – It’s a cloth mousepad with a jet black top and rubber base. It has a stitched edge with a subtle white logo in the bottom right corner. The packaging informs us that It’s for both speed and control which is vague as most vendors pick one or the other.

PRICE – its £12.99 in the Uk or $12.99 in the US so its certainly priced well.

QUALITY – The cloth feels nice and the edge stitching looking decent, so I wouldn’t expect it to come apart. The logo is placed on top of the cloth, and over time I expect it will wear/flake off, but this isn’t any different to most cloth pads.

DIRTY ATTRACTION – As with all cloth surfaces, these are prone to getting dirty, and this will not be an exception. I’m already finding that I’m picking bits of dust off the pad. They say it’s waterproof which I’ve not tested, but this should be good if you spill a drink or like me your cats knock them over. This waterproof coating might also help cleaning.

SURFACE – The surface is a microfiber cloth providing a nice smooth glide. It didn’t feel much different from my other pad I’ve used. My current daily driver is the G640 and what I’m comparing this pad too. The rubber base ensures it is secure on your desk and doesn’t bunch up when under pressure.

SIZING – The profile is nice and low though I’m not a fan of the stitched edges. I find if you are on the limit when using low DPI your mouse mounts the stitching and for me, this puts me off. What is good is that the stitching isn’t high profile, so it didn’t dig into my wrist or rub as some mousepads have. I would class this mousepad as a Large size, and it measures in at 450mm wide x 400 high x 3mm thick

IN THE BOX – Well, you get a mousepad, and well that’s it. Once unboxed It didn’t go completely flat, but over time this should flatten out.

CONCLUSION – There isn’t anything new or revolutionary about his mousepad, but overall the surface is nice the price is great, and if you don’t mind the stitching it’s worth picking up.