Dream Machine DM1 Pro S Review

DM1 Pro S Review













  • Decent Shape
  • Great Sensor
  • Software
  • Good Price


  • Extremely Stiff Cable
  • Finger Print Magnet
  • Stakez High Friction

If you have been following my Youtube series you will know that I have decided to take a look at the Dream Machine Gaming Mouse range. I’m doing this as I’m looking to see what improvements if any they have made throughout the range and whether they are listening to feedback. The only way to do this is to go through them all comparing the differences. The Dream Machine brand isn’t that well known outside of niche communities like r/mousereview but let’s see how they compare to other brands such as but not exclusive to Benq Zowie, Razer, Logitech, Corsair etc.

Price – You can pick up the DM1 Pro S for £50 on Amazon in the UK, €55 on the Dream Machine site directly or $55 on Amazon US. Setting it at this price level means it’s expensive but at a good level that it should be accessible to a wide range of gamers or general PC users.

Design/Shape/Size and Build Quality – As you know I’ve already reviewed the DM1 Pro and the DM Pro S has no alterations or differences in shape, coating or design. If you want to know more on this and haven’t already checked out my DM1 Pro review/video then do as there is no point in repeating these thoughts/details again. The only change which is good to see if this one doesn’t rock on a hard surface.

Sensor – This is the main upgrade and has been swapped out for the PMW3360 providing a maximum 1000mhz poll rate. I checked this with the Benq Zowie tester
There are also 6 pre-set levels of dpi, changeable via the top dpi buttons. Each pre-set is also highlighted by the DM logo on the rear changing colour as well as the scroll wheel. The pre-sets are 400/800/1600/2400/4800/12000. The sensor also benefits from a better lift of distance of 1.8mm to 2.0mm.

To see the senor tests where I run the usual, Jitter, Angle, Ripple, Square lift off as well as slam check out the video on Youtube.

I’ve tested the mouse on 3d Aim Trainer to get a better feel. I have shown the score in the video so that you can compare or try to beat me. To get this score I only have three goes with the final go being the one I use for the high score. https://www.3daimtrainer.com/

Scroll wheel – well There hasn’t been any changes to the scroll wheel.

Buttons – It is still using the same Omron switches

Weight – The specs say this weighs in at 89g and when I weighted them it was 83g and with the cable including USB 117g

Cable – Well there hasn’t been any improvement in this cable it’s still the same trash and needs a changing to even be a viable mouse in my opinion.

Software – So here is some good news as they have taken on board some feedback and now provide some software to downnload for this version which is certainly a plus. I go through all the options that can be configured in the software in the DM1 Pro S review video.

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