Logitech G640 Mousepad Review

Logitech G640 Mousepad Review













  • Nice Surface
  • Price
  • Size Options
  • Thin Profile
  • Decent Rubber Base


  • Could Fray
  • Logo Position
  • Cloth Will Get Dirty

The Logitech G640 Mousepad I purchased as I was looking for a large cloth surface with a low profile at a reasonable price. Below are my thoughts after using it and if you would like to see a more detailed review then check out my YouTube review.

DESIGN – The mousepad is a standard design from LogitechG with a black/charcoal coloured cloth. Designed for control rather than speed while resting on the blue rubber backed surface. There is a Logitech logo in the bottom right corner which is a different surface to the cloth while proving a large low profile area.

QUALITY – It’s a good quality mousepad for the standard price and an awesome buy if you can get it in the sale as I did. It’s made from a nice cloth texture and decent rubber base. The cloth is well bonded to the rubber so doesn’t bunch up at the front when pressure is being applied and there is zero movement on the desk surface I had it base one. It doesn’t have a braided edge which I like personally but this does mean over time that it will fray. You can see where this cloth was cut from a roll and is a potential weak point, though this isn’t any different to any other cloth pads finished like this. The overall quality is as you would expect from Logitech and I have no concerns here. If you do get any issues it comes with a decent 2 year warranty.

DIRTY ATTRACTION – I have 5 cats and I use it regularly and so far it has been good. I’ve had to clean it a few times over the last month but it comes up like new each time so far. If you have a cloth pad and its black when you will know that these show dirt very fast and is one of the reasons I have been using a hard surface for the last year.

SURFACE – This for me is a slow surface built for control and provides some moderate friction on the standard skatez that I’m using on my Logitech G Pro Wireless. I do normally prefer a hard surface so at the moment I would like it to be a little faster and will upgrade the skatez to improve this. Compared to other cloth surfaces I’ve tested though it’s a standard speed and give great control at low DPI. The logo in the bottom right is painted\stamped on and does give you a different surface feel when your mouse goes over it. It would have been nice to see a smaller logo or for this to be located on the base because if you want to use that bottom right corner it will get in your way. The surface although low profile does have some give it so for me it’s the perfect profile as it also doesn’t cut/rub your wrist when used for a prolonged period.

SIZING – The pads size when measured can in at 3mm thick, 400mm high and 450mm wide rather than 460mm stated. This size for me is perfect and if you have space its one certainly to look at. It works get for me at 400dpi and I find now I’m not running out of space where I was doing on a 350mm x 250mm x 4mm pad. There are other sizes one being 340mm wide by 280mm high and 3mm thick if you prefer a smaller pad. There is also a Team Solomid one with their logo plastered all over it which is 460mm wide by 400 high and 3 thick and it does have a braided edge but personally I would like to know what the logo is made from and if it’s going to mess with the surface before I committed to buying it.

IN THE BOX – The box shape is cool I like this style but otherwise, it’s a standard unboxing experience with nothing exciting included or to write home about.

CONCLUSION – If you can get this pad in the sale then what’s not to love. It has a great cloth surface with a large area to move on and a solid rubber base to ensure it’s not going to move around.